Love Light & Melody is a nonprofit organization dedicated to battling the physical, emotional, and spiritual affects of extreme poverty.

We are committed to becoming experts on the life and culture inside the city trash dump in Managua, Nicaragua. Our goal is to identify and meet the immediate physical needs, raise awareness about trash dump communities, and fight social injustice. We use music and the arts to rebuild, restore, and bring healing to communities ravaged by extreme poverty.

Our Story

In 2005, musician Brad Corrigan was invited to play for a benefit concert and a youth rally in Managua, Nicaragua. While on the trip, he was introduced to the incredible extremes of this Central American country: an elite upper-class and extreme poverty. Managua's city trash dump is unlike most mountains of trash around the world: it is home to hundreds of people who depend on the garbage for their livelihood, their food, and their shelter.

After several visits to the dump, Brad met the most unlikely and beautiful little girl, Ileana, who in turn introduced him to her family and a vibrant community living in the shadow of past treasures and discarded yesterdays. Inspired by these newfound friends, Love Light & Melody was formed in 2007 to meet the educational, health, and vocational needs of this trash dump community.

Love Light & Melody embraces Brad's powerfully simple concept: "When you walk with someone you're saying to them, 'I am with you.' We can walk in hell and not have fear." Each year, the organization invites friends, family, and college students to join them for Dia de Luz, to celebrate a profound love conquering hate, a beautiful light overcoming darkness, and a resounding melody breaking silence.

Our Team

Brad Corrigan, President, Founder

Scott Dever, Vice President, Director

Geoff Long, Treasurer, Director

Daniel Bain, Site Director, Nicaragua